What is couple toy? What kind of things are there?Types of couple toys like vibrators,dildos,BDSM toys etc

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What is couple toy?

What is couple toy?

Sex toys that can be used by both partner, men and women. Couples now explore their bedtime with new couples sex toys instead of separate dildo male toy or female toy. Couples toys are designed to keep in mind that when both want to pleasant their feeling with the same sex toys. There are varieties of sex toys are available for them. This is not restriction for couples toy that it can be used when both partner are there. Man or woman can use it in alone time too. Maximize the pleasure height and happiness in the bedroom in foreplay as well as in alone masturbation.

Types of couple toy

Types of couple toy

Here are list of couples toy that pleasure both partner in same bed.

Anal Toy:

Anal Toys are one of sex toy that men can used for penetration and reach to their P-Spot. Women now also enjoy to penetrate their partner. It is perfect couples toys that pleasure the both partner. Men and women both can use it one by one. Women also love to feel the anal pleasure. It is recommended to use the high viscosity lubricant with the anal toy. Anal toys includes anal beads, butt plugs, dildo toys etc. Anal toy is also gat toys.


We all known that in BDSM act is incomplete without the partner. To perform Sm, two partner required. So BDSM toys are couples toy. A single partner cannot enjoy the BDSM toy, whether it is blindfold, mouth gags, Bondage tape, rope, etc. A master partner and slave partner takes equal contribution to use the BDSM toys. It is the first choice by couples to enhance their bedtime. It makes couples more exciting and sexual arouse.


Basically, vibrators is female toy or lesbian toy. But it gives level of vibration for the sexual arousal in the women. So it is ideal for men too. Couples may use vibrators for the stimulation and sexual arousal for the sexual intercourse. Stimulate each other nipples, breasts, vagina. penis, neck, etc. Vibrators are available with many function. Get your desire one.


Massagers is also good for both partner. Couples may use to relief the stress or to stimulate the erogenous zones. Massagers couples toys is only beneficial for the external stimulation, so both partner can use it without any worry.

Uses of couple toy

Uses of couple toy

As we known couples toy are that, partner can be. It is up to men or women how they prefer to use them. Couples toys is directly sharing of sex toys. So it might be unhealthy or unhygienic for them. It may leads to many infection if you do not use them in hygienic way. It is common in toys history to wash the every toys to clean it. In the case of couples toy, it can't be possible. So recommended way to use is- It is better if one partner use once then wipe out then it comes to another partner. Or you may try a condom on your selected sex toys. It is essential when you have penetrative sex toys. It does not required for the non-penetrative toys like BDSM toy. Couples may use BDSM toy without any headache. You can switch BDSM toy constantly. If you thinking to use lubricant on the penetrative couples toy, make sure to avoid silicone based lubricant with silicone made couples toys.