Type of adult toy,what kind of adult toy are popular in India?Best male and female sex toys in India

TOP Type of adult toy

What is type of adult toy? What kind of things are there?

What is type of adult toy? What kind of things are there?

Adult toys India provide presence of their partner by replica of their sexual parts. While there are plenty of adult toys for men and women. The various option in adult toys for one who now what they want sexually. Here are list of type of adult toy in market for the both gender.


Vibrators are electrical operated adult toys. Basically it gives mode of vibration and pattern of vibration of user. The vibration help not only women, but also men to stimulate their sensitive zones or erogenous zones. There are various categories are available in vibrators too:

  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Egg Vibrators
  • Rabbit Vibrators
  • Classic Vibrators
  • Pocket Vibrators
  • Bluetooth Vibrators
  • Rechargeable vibrators, etc


Dildo is penis shaped adult toy, that gives penis pleasure to women. Women love to use dildos for the sexual satisfaction. Various type of dildos are there, according to material, shape, texture.

  • Glass dildos
  • Metal Dildos
  • Rubber Dildos
  • Strap On Dildos
  • Realistic Dildos, etc


Massagers are invented to relief the pain and stress. But later it can also be use in stimulation. Massagers are ideal for external stimulation, so men and women both can use it. Magic wand is most famous massagers in the world. Rechargeable magic wand, Magic wand accessories are variation in it.

Anal Toys

Anal beads, butt put, etc are anal toys. It can be used by both men and women. Women gain power to penetrate the men and men enjoy the P-spot pleasure.

Cock rings

Cock ting is men toys. Mena used it for premature ejaculation and delay ejaculation.


Fleshlight is vagina shape adult toy, obviously for men. Men fulfill the women need with Fleshlight.

Penis sleeves

Penis Sleeves is penis extension for the men. It is pleasurable for the women because men can get various textures in penis sleeve.

What is popular adult toy?

What is popular adult toy?

According to the latest survey by the adult toy retailers on a group of people to find the mostly used adult toys among them. The general ask them, How many adult toys they use, men and women? The top answers by the both gender is three. Men and women use atleast three adult toys for sexual satisfaction. and they very well now how to adult toy correctly. Now talk about the three adult toys used by women. Vibrators one the top. Women prefer the phallic-shaped toy vibrators. Not only women, men also use vibrators an it on top for men's side too.

Cock rings are on second from the men's side. They side cock rings help and prevent in prevent premature ejaculation. Butt plugs on the three number from the men's side. Because butt plugs are the only adult toy that allow penetration for the men. Mena enjoy P-Spot pleasure with the Butt plug.

Realistic Dildos are on second position for the women's preference. These dildos gives real penis feel said by most of women.

Over the peoples, about 80 percent of men and women said that the adult toys had improved their sex lives and sexual balance. these 80 percent of peoples are very happy with adult toys and the vibrators adult toys is on the top of the happiest sex. Vibrators gain in good image for adult toy history.

The second question to peoples is, Where they buy adult toy or get them? Most people that they prefer to buy themselves according to their sex desire and some of them said that they receive it as a gift from the close friend.